Coaching, Planning, and Leadership Development for Nonprofits

Elevate Your Impact with Specialized Guidance Tailored for Nonprofit Agencies, Boards, CEOs, and Leaders.

I understand the unique challenges you face

  • Mission Clarity: Clear, simple, plans provide a sense of direction.
  • Team Morale: Alignment of  goals leads to engagement
  • Maximize Resources: Find efficient ways to use time and money.
  • Decision-making : Confidential, expert guidance for high-stakes decisions.

Transform Your Challenges into Opportunities

Strategic & Operational Planning

Craft a clear roadmap with actionable steps aligned with your mission.

Leadership Coaching

Receive personalized coaching to become an empowered, effective leader.

Ongoing Support

Benefit from regular consultations to continually adapt and improve your strategic planning and leadership.

Real Results

I understand the unique challenges of leading a non-profit organization. Let me help you navigate these challenges, empowering you to make high-stakes decisions confidently and maximize impact without feeling overwhelmed.


“United Ways in Canada, and the communities they serve, are stronger because of Bhavana’s teaching and leadership.”

— Anne MacKay, Personal Giving Officer at Hospice Wellington

“Bhavana is that connector that brings people together. If you’ve met Bhavana, you know that when there’s a need, she will come and find the people she thinks are best suited to help.”

— Col. Hatton, Commander of CFB Kingston

Your Journey to Impactful Leadership and Strategic Success


Align Expectations

We start by establishing mutual expectations to ensure a focused and effective partnership.

Identify Needs and Barriers

We delve into your specific objectives and any barriers that might stand in your way, creating a strategy tailored to your unique situation.

Formulate Action Steps

Together, we develop a clear plan for next steps, empowering you to move forward with confidence, in a confidential and respectful environment, that promotes self-growth and confidence building.

From Overwhelmed and Directionless to Confident and Visionary Leader

I understand the stress and isolation that come with leading a non-profit organization. With my tailored strategic planning and leadership coaching, you’ll gain the skills needed to maximize your impact and make a real difference.

Ready to transform your leadership and maximize your impact?